Tantric Body Healing Services


Signature Services

*Please Note that we do have visiting Dakinis, as well as workshops at HOA. Members Call/Text/Email to inquire

Water (Passive)


The liquefaction of the body into a stream of tranquility and rapture through meditative touch therapy. The relinquishing of control and practicing the art of reception. Expect melting sensations, post session weightlessness, serenity, and chakra balance ; fresh

Fire (Active)


Ignite your stagnant energy. Charge your battery. Be present in an ecstatic exchange of essences. Body to body, breathe to breathe,  gaze upon gaze. Expect bodily awakenings (many describe as feeling electricity coursing through body), heightened sensitivity; heat.

Air (Whimsical )


Evaporate into the heavens of the senses. Heighten your body/mind awareness through tantric edging, sense depravation, sensory enhancement, aroma therapy, light bathes, sound healing, and tantric BDSM. Expect an air of fantasy, dream-like states of bliss; breeze.

*breif consultation required

Earth (Partnered)





Purely Therapeutic Healing Services

Ground oneself in conscious communication with your partner. Guided communication through intentional touch, ecstatic dance, passionate play, and impeccable speech. Expect the room for exploration, experimentation, discovery, newness, and certainty of self. 


Indulge in the transient effects on the mind, body, and spirit of any of the Signature services above in a purely therapeutic capacity. Deduct $100 from the original donation rate

Birth, Death, and Grief Ceremonies

As these topics do require the utmost sensitivity, I request that you only inquire of these services if you are seriously seeking compassion, companionship, and the conjuring up of light from within to allow yourself  to move through significant moments in life with softness and a peace of mind. In these ceremonies, we create an energetic field (a dynamic gradation) through various ritualistic means (ie herbal concoctions, vibrational chakra sound frequencies, reuniting tethered inner elements) among a host of various means to  methodologically summon the capacity for compassion towards oneself, for oversight, for forgiveness, for deepening into impermanence, for examining darkness and light with widened eyes…the list goes on. These ceremonies are carried out as stepping stones and catalysts for inner peace, and the maintenance of inner balance while moving through the range of human emotions that have been caused by a significant life occurrence. Some life occurrences of clients who seek this service include the death of a loved one, divorce, child birth/new parents, bankruptcy, inheritance, moving homes, homelessness, guilt of  wrongdoing, legal woes, etc. I could describe this “service” for days, but for now, I’ll just mention that Tantra Talk over Tea is required and used as consultation before we are able to enter into this realm.

We don’t actually have to talk over tea, it can be coffee, whatever tickles your fancy. I’ve obtained wisdom both actively, passively, and inherently through my colorful encounters with literature, my inner world, my outer world, and the cosmos. I’m almost positive that you have as well, wether you know it or not. If you have an itch to verbally express yourself, bounce off ideas, or need a non-judgemental ear, I am hear for it. If you seek stimulating conversation regarding discourse in any subject geared eventually towards inner growth, I am here for it. Whatever you’re feeling, I am here for it all, pouring over with love, light, without judgement. We can set up an appointment for over the phone or in person!

Tantric Talks Over Tea

$100/hr phone

$150/hr in-person

Advanced Tantric students, Gurus, and Shamans are invited to engage in a ritualistic deepening of ancient wisdom and inner investigation through a collective ceremonial consumption provided by Mother Earth. This ‘service’ is highly sensitive and requires significant preplanning. Serious inquiries only.

Sacred Psycho-Active Plant Medicine Ritual


*All Services are Donation Based