Dearest Members of the HOA,

*Anulia is out of the country and will resume sessions April 13th

Feel free to contact the House of Ascension at any time via email, or call/text directly to schedule an appointment.


A Few Announcements…

House of Ascension-Mexico City is in the works

I am available for travel abroad with established members for extended tantric exploration as availability dictates

Suggested Materials…

Continuing Tantric Education, Inner Investigation, and all that jazz are important practices to me. So I figure it can’t hurt to share some materials I’ve found to be challenging, fun, and at times uncomfortable to engage with. I encourage skepticism in all non fiction literature, as it encourages deeper investigation into getting closer to whatever the truth is. I am endlessly open to all materials you find interesting as well. So members, please send me some suggestions for reads, essays, documentaries, etc via email!